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We are providers of liquidity solutions for executives (CXO’s) and ultra-high net worth & HNW individuals. Since 2007, we have helped borrowers just like you achieve their dreams and goals using Leveraged Equities Loans (LEL) aka (Stock Loans), Non – Recourse, Non – Title Transfer solutions.  We are one of the oldest and most successful in the industry.

Access Stored Equity

Get Cash Now

From $1,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 plus, you now have access to unlimited cash access using your public stock holdings.  SCG’s easy loan process allows you to unlock that stored equity!


Create a Diverse Portfolio

Many clients feel trapped without options, utilizing your new loan from SCG you can unlock cash to invest into other assets, bringing you instantly new safety and security!

Manage Risk

Concentrated Risk

You can now enjoy the benefit of capping your concentrated risk using your new SCG loan.  Allocating the capital, we provide to you, so you do not have all your eggs in one basket.

Most Blue Chip to Penny Stocks Qualify for SCG’s Unique Stock Loan Solutions

☑ NO Personal Guarantee!

☑ NO Credit Review!

☑ NO Personal Income!

☑ NO Personal Tax Returns required!

☑ NO Business Income and NO Business Tax returns required to get a loan!

☑ You can reap 100% of all the rewards of any appreciation and dividends!

☑ We can loan you up to 70% of the value of your securities with no recourse!

☑ Low Fixed Interest Rate

☑ Integrity in Lending since 2007

☑ Instant Access to Cash

☑ Quick Loan Process

☑ Direct Lender

"Our company cannot say enough about the professionalism of the team at SCG, they said what they would do, and they did exactly that, impressed. "

JKY, Malaysia

"This is the 4th closing I have had with SCG, and every loan is the same. SCG tells me what they can and will do and you do it! "

GF, Hong Kong

"Our firm has closed over 12 tranches over the course of a year without one hitch, every time we requested another SCG was right there ready to perform. Lifelong customers. "

RJ, Alberta, Canada

"From our first contact with our account executive, we felt extremely comfortable, every question was answered, and every step was explained. Very refreshing. "

FJK, Indonesia

"We came to the table with a lot of questions and concerns, seeing that we have never been exposed to this type of financing. The SCG agent answered our questions in a very precise manner, the best part when we spoke to upper management the answers were consistent. After 5 tranches we are big fans. "

AJ, Spain

"Everything SCG told me was exactly as it played out, could not be happier. "

TJL, Hong Kong

"The type of loan SCG offers is somewhat unique to our country, but after our first video call with SCG we were extremely excited, and from first-hand experience we can honestly say that SCG does not disappoint. "

JR, Brazil

"Like I told my partner, all roads lead back to SCG! I feel so lucky to be associated with such an upstanding team of professionals."

CW, London

"Before I came to Stone Creek Global, I was connected to a handful of other companies that I left due to lack of direction, ethics, and money. Since becoming part of the SCG team I could not be happier, their training program is amazing, the ethics are second to none, they close loans and the pay their brokers on time every time. Most importantly they treat their clients with respect and fund all loans in a timely manner, every time. "

LD, Canada

"Our company ended up being in a tough spot, we were unable to secure any amount of financing from our long-term bankers, it seemed the only options we had were bad ones. After a chance meeting with a friend, he recommended SCG, whom his company has just completed a loan with. It has been a true pleasure doing business with your amazing company (SCG). As you know our company was in very deep trouble, and not only did you listen but you acted, within 6 days we had our loan and now we have turned things around. Also, I would like to hire your team, they are a special and dedicated group. "

MR. SYK, Hong Kong

"SCG saved me, had my clients loan with another lender who in the end could not fund as promised. With one phone call I went from feeling like I failed my client to being completely excited in knowing I just placed my trusting client with the best stock loan company in the market today! "

KSP, Singapore

"We will forever be in his debt, SCG helped us to get back on top and all we can say is, thank you. We recommend SCG to everyone we know. "

FQ, London

"Borrower receive his funds as promised but so did me and my brokers. We were not paid by the last lender we worked with, but SCG is on a completely different level then the others, if you don't believe me ask my wife (lol) "



Create a Stock Loan Strategy That Works For YOU

Our team is the largest in the world.  We have nearly two decades experience to help you attain the goals and dreams you want now.