Benefits & Uses of SCG’s Stock Loan Solutions for You

You will instantly Gain access to Money & Liquidity fast, privately, easily, and cheaply using your publicly traded stock/securities with SCG!  There are never any upfront fees, so our stock loan is an easy process for you to complete.

Ponder this…as an expert direct lender since 2007, we have helped people like you fulfill their financial goals across the entire world.

You can now get liquidity for any purpose using your securities, reduce concentrated risk exposure and solve complex puzzles to permit you to instantly achieve your life goals you desire now to achieve!

Realize now that your stock along with almost all Major Worldwide Stock Exchanges are accepted as well as borrowers from around the globe.  We are trusted in 195+ countries and 80+ exchanges!

Now you can PROTECT your stock portfolio and GET CASH NOW with our non-recourse stock loan or other structures we customize to your needs.

We lend against securities free trading on most foreign exchanges, contact us now to get solutions to your specific needs.

Many clients wisely use SCG’s stock loan to invest in their business, acquire other companies, inventory, capital investments, fund new projects, fund expansions or new companies, retire other debt, save money on interest by repaying more expensive debt, corporate real estate purchases or new ground up builds, luxury vacation homes, open the doors to dreams and goals to buy luxury items, yachts, exotic cars, private jets, corporate helicopters, investing in gold/silver or rare art, divesting into more diverse assets to spread risk, de-risk their concentrated risk, reduce geopolitical risk or other risks beyond their control, etc. or to just to have cash on hand while simultaneously hedging against statistically probable catastrophic losses.

Most of our clients have questions about the next steps.  We compiled all these questions across the world and created a Q&A.  Listen now to the Q&A (click here) with the President and CBDO of SCG to discover what you want to know instantly about funding your new loan with SCG and how fast you will get your money.