SCG is a BVI Private Capital Firm with a worldwide footprint and the leader as a direct lender in the international stock loan space, we have become so by treating our clients and our valuable partners with respect and laser like focus on the end goal of funding your loan.

We offer the widest variety of stock loan and securities-based financing solutions in the industry…period.  If you have a liquid, publicly traded stock on any major stock exchange worldwide, chances are we can help. Funding is typically within a week.  We specialize in designing quick-funding securities-based financing solutions specific to our clients’ needs.  Our product is not available to US citizens or US securities.

  “Integrity in Stock Loan Lending since 2007”

  •  Our Specialty: Loans Against Securities
  • Providing you stock loans for large and small cap stocks
  • Closing your loan quickly and efficiently
  • Helping you mitigate your portfolio risk through diversification
  • Providing you with liquidity
  • Offering flexible loan packages tailored to your individual needs
  • Securing competitive interest rates
  • Providing you with your personal account executive to walk you through the process
  • We are the Direct lender
  • We are a private lender which means you enjoy privacy
  • Never any upfront fees
  • Offering you integrity in lending since 2007

Stone Creek Global, LTD. Is not a legal or tax advisor.  To experience the benefits of a SCG stock loan please follow the direction of your legal and tax advisors and you should always consult your legal and tax advisor for specific advice on any loan considered. This product is not available to US citizens or US securities.