Experience You Can Trust

As a direct lender since 2007, we have the greatest global scope of experience in the industry.  Our guarantee to you is to complete your stock loan with us in a timely, effective, professional, ethical and successful method for you or your business, so as to create another satisfied client so you will have no reservations about referring your friends and business associates with similar needs as yours.  Our reputation and history of successful transactions and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping our clients all across the world – large or small, obtain streamline financing even in today’s economy. We lend on most stock markets.  We have the largest global reach of any lender in the world and that gives us the most experience too.

Let’s face it, Liquidity is king. So why would you not put your shares to work? Our stock loans are not only fast but they are safe, being that they are non-recourse which is so important in this ever-changing stock market and geopolitical risks.  Our smartest clients globally look at our solutions to hedge their risk exposure and protect their unlimited downside risk while enjoying the unlimited upside use of cash now from the equity they established.  Think of your new with SCG as a hedge against risk while using the cash for other purposes to grow your wealth or enjoy the things you worked so hard to achieve.